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MT4 Trading Signals

What are MT4 Trading Signals?

An MT4 trading signal is a sign, or alert, which lets you know it’s a good time to buy or sell a security within your EuroCapitals MT4 Platform.

When you automate these signals, you’re able to take a lot of guesswork and emotion out of your Forex trading decisions. That means you’re able to better focus on your overall Forex trading strategy.

While many external or third party signal providers will charge a fee for using their signal software, EuroCapitals’s partnership with MetaQuotes means that our traders get FREE ACCESS to a large number of trading signals through MT4!

How to gain FREE ACCESS to MT4 Trading Signals?

Before you can access trading signals, you will need an MT4 trading account. This can be a Demo or Live account – both are free to open with EuroCapitals.

From here, adding signals to your EuroCapitals MT4 platform is easy. With just a few clicks, you can expedite your trading experience! Access the signals tab from your MT4 terminal window and explore the world of MT4 Trading Signals.

MT4 Trading Signals Explained:

When you use MT4 Trading Signals, what you’re doing is requesting the software to monitor the trades of other successful traders then having your own MT4 terminal copy what the target trader is doing.

All MT4 Trading Signals available have been thoroughly tested before being pre-approved by the platform’s developers. This means all the MT4 Trading Signals available to you are credible and secure, helping protect you from signals that might lead you toward sustained losses.

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