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Forex Trading Indicators

EuroCapitals traders using the MetaTrader 4 platform, will now be able to exclusively benefit from multiple MT4 trading indicators provided by Trading Central. EuroCapitals’s partnerships with Trading Central has brought a suite of additional tools which we are happy to present and make available for use on our platform. These forex trading indicators will make market analysis and the decision making process for EuroCapitals traders more streamlined and accurate than ever.
One of the strengths of the MT4 platform is that traders have the ability to customise trading indicators. In this case, we’ve drawn from Trading Central’s experience and are happy to pass these well tested and popular indicators to our client base, absolutely free of charge. We encourage our clients to use the Trading Central forex indicators in addition to their current trading strategies as they can present a guide as to where the key price action is taking place.

Remember, all funded live account holders with EuroCapitals have the ability to gain free access to Trading Central Indicators. If you don’t have a live account with EuroCapitals, simply fill out the account request form at the bottom of this page and hit submit. It’s that simple.

Adaptive Candlesticks for MT4

The Trading Central Adaptive Candlesticks indicator is an easy to install, customisable MT4 indicator that is designed to help traders make profitable decisions 24/5. If you trade on candlestick charts then you are literally viewing the supply/demand battle between buyers and sellers. Impressions on the battlefield are then left on the charts in the form of candlestick patterns. Patterns that if identified correctly, can be exploited by savvy forex traders.
Mastering candlestick patterns can be a daunting task, but with the use of the Trading Central Adaptive Candlestick indicator, the hard work has been done for you. The patterns that the indicator selects are only the most appropriate for the current set of price action conditions, while patterns that are less relevant in the context of what occurred before, have been left out.
TCAC will recognize for you in real time reversal and conti¬nuation candlesticks patterns to enhance your trading skills and timing!

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Analyst Opinion indicator for MT4

The Trading Central Technical Analysis indicator is like nothing else online. This particular indicator combines both mechanical trading which indicators are classically used to assist, with discretionary trading on the back of the advice of market analysts. This free forex indicator will superimpose Trading Central’s analyst research, forecasts, commentary and key support/resistance levels onto MT4 live charts. All you need to do is drag and drop to see price targets, stop loss levels and you’re ready to go.
Based on the timeframe that you’ve selected for your MT4 chart, the Analyst Opinion indicator will display the latest ideas from Trading Central analysts. Whether you’re on an intraday (30min chart), short term (daily chart) or midterm (weekly chart) basis, you can program and fill trading positions based on expert analysts’ levels.
Adding the Analyst Opinion indicator to your MT4 charts is like having an expert trader sitting over your shoulder and pointing to your charts whenever they spot an opportunity. Trade with the best.

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Adaptive Divergence Convergence Signals for MT4

The Adaptive Divergence Convergence indicator might be a bit of a mouthful to say, but it is actually an easy to install and understand trading indicator once it is attached to your MT4 chart. Inspired by the MACD, the ADC indicator adapts its effective lengths to changing market conditions (shorter in trending markets, longer in sideways) and becomes more practical for short-term trading by avoiding excessive signals and guarding against sideways markets.
In addition to ADC's equivalent of MACD's indicators, two consistent oscillators (one slow, one fast) are also harvested from the analysis to help support trading decisions. Whilst its various lines all derive from the same window of market data, they do have some independence from each other. This allows decisions to be made on the basis of weight of evidence.
ADC is particularly easy to optimize since it has only one parameter, and of the same reason almost impossible to overfit.

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