Commodities Trading England: Trade Crude Oil, Gold and Silver

Commodities Trading

Commodities trading has a rich history dating back to the open outcry pits of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. EuroCapitals provides traders access to the most liquid commodities markets, giving them the ability to trade with maximum leverage. Commodities markets are known for their volatility and the market structure suits traders who use technical analysis.

With EuroCapitals, you can trade precious metals, energy and soft commodities. This includes the most liquid commodities markets of Oil, Gold and Silver. The Commodities markets are open 23 hours a day with a 45 minute session break at the end of the CME Globex trading session. All EuroCapitals clients are able to exploit volatility on global Commodities markets with seamless 24 hour access via the EuroCapitals MetaTrader 4 platform.

Even if you aren’t an active Commodities trader, it is worthwhile to watch the close correlations that appear between the Commodities, Forex and Indices markets so you can take advantage of any trading opportunities that may arise.

Precious Metals Trading

If you have an inquisitive economic mind, then you would have identified the fact that precious metals offer an insight into the health of an economy, as they are viewed by traders as a relative safe haven in times of turmoil.

Precious metals have been recognised as a store of value for investors since the beginning of time and any serious investor’s portfolio will almost definitely contain some form of gold or silver. With EuroCapitals, you are able to trade these stable precious metals markets and take advantage of predictable technically backed movements in price.

Take advantage of these economic safe havens by gaining exposure to precious metals markets via MT4 with EuroCapitals.

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Energy Trading

You can’t live in our modern day society without having some sort of exposure to energy markets. Whether powering your home with heating oil or fuelling transport with crude oil, energy markets are deeply ingrained into society.

With this ingraining, comes trading opportunity. If you are tuned into the trends of society then you will have a feeling for energy prices. The value of energy markets vary based on the changes in price of the underlying energy asset and as a result, traders often use these markets to speculate on what can be predictable changes.

EuroCapitals allows you to take a position in energy and speculate on the opportunities that you have identified on the MT4 platform.

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Soft Commodities Trading

Soft Commodities are the newest markets that clients now have available to trade via the MetaTrader 4 platform. With the market’s roots being able to be traced back thousands of years, the term soft commodity generally refers to those that are grown rather than mined.

As you may have guessed, soft commodities play a key role in the liquidity of major global futures markets, being used in the real world by farmers wishing to lock in the future prices of their crops to safeguard against major weather events and natural disasters. Throw speculative traders into the mix and you have a recipe for opportunity born from volatility.

Literally unearth opportunity to profit from soft commodities with a live account at EuroCapitals.

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