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EuroCapitals RAW ECN Account

Institutional grade liquidity from the world’s largest institutions, direct to you. EuroCapitals has introduced the next generation RAW ECN trading environment which gives you the most cost-effective Forex trading solution available across the Forex trading industry. You’ll have the opportunity to trade Forex on institutional grade liquidity direct from the world’s largest banks and institutions with no spread mark-up, just a small $3.00 commission.

Lowest ECN Based Account Commissions - $3.00 Per Side

We have linked the highest grade, prime FX liquidity in the EuroCapitals RAW ECN Account. This means that
EuroCapitals is able to provide all clients with the lowest spreads and the lowest commissions in the Forex Trading industry.

All EuroCapitals clients with a RAW ECN account will
experience competitive spreads, and only $3.00 commissions per standard lot, per side.

At EuroCapitals, we understand that for professional Forex traders, it’s crucial to keep FX trading costs as low as
possible. This is why we’ve developed the EuroCapitals RAW ECN account.

Trade with
Commissions Per Standard Lot, Per Side

Grow your Forex Trading with a
EuroCapitals RAW ECN Account

Forex traders using the EuroCapitals RAW ECN Account experience the lowest costs, fastest execution speeds and access to up to 100:1 leverage.

The oneZero™ MT4 Bridge powers the EuroCapitals RAW ECN Account. With premium grade ECN Forex liquidity, this makes our solution the fastest, and most stable available in the Forex trading market.

Gain your Forex trading edge with the most advanced MT4 ECN trading account available. Start trading on a true ECN environment today.


Experience our
RAW ECN spreads today

Transparent RAW ECN Forex
Trading Environment

The EuroCapitals RAW ECN account has been built to
address one of the most important factors in successful Forex trading: Transparency.

EuroCapitals guarantees that all Forex traders using the EuroCapitals RAW ECN account are trading on the real Interbank Forex market. This ensures that EuroCapitals is never the counter-party to your trade, avoiding any exposure to conflicts of interest.

While trading on the EuroCapitals RAW ECN account, Forex traders are able to realise profits, no matter how big they are.

Raw ecn account
opening balance

Access your
EuroCapitals RAW ECN Account
anywhere, anytime

As with all EuroCapitals trading accounts, the RAW ECN account is accessible across all devices.

We understand the importance of Forex traders having fast and stable access to their EuroCapitals RAW ECN
trading account.

Access your EuroCapitals RAW ECN account anywhere, anytime.

Ways to Access the EuroCapitals
RAW ECN Account

Discover faster execution on the
EuroCapitals RAW ECN account

All EuroCapitals RAW ECN accounts are directly connected to our custom made fibre optic network which connects all Equinix servers.

This cutting edge solution enables the fastest Forex trading execution possible and delivers our FX traders the edge they need to be consistently profitable on
the volatile Forex market.

Professional traders make smart decisions. Equip yourself with seamless access to the interbank forex market using the EuroCapitals RAW ECN account.

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