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EuroCapitals has teamed up with SIRIX CopyTrade to bring our FOREX traders one of the most popular FX copy trade services available. SIRIX’s AutoTrade is an account mirroring service where you can copy trades from top successful FOREX trading systems.

The SIRIX CopyTrade service is an online FX trade copying platform with over 90,000 FOREX traders. Connect a EuroCapitals account with SIRIX to auto copy and trade with access to in-depth analysis and statistics.

What is SIRIX CopyTrade?

All SIRIX professional traders and published trading systems have been screened and approved by SIRIXTrade, thus clients are guaranteed to be tapping into a pool of only the brightest and most profitable social forex traders.

AutoTrade is an online platform where you have an array of over 90,000 successful FOREX trading systems to copy trades from. With your unique EuroCapitals AutoTrade account, you can easily create a portfolio and automatically copy the trades of other successful FOREX traders. You’ll have the ability to manage and customise each copied  FX trade and learn from in-depth portfolio statistics.

What is SIRIX CopyTrade?

• Copy from only successful FOREX traders – demos and low performing accounts are not available for auto copy

• System and FOREX traders must be verified and proven a successful track record before being approved by SIRIX

• Modify and close FOREX trades whenever you want – complete control over copied trades

• Online browser access – no need for software downloads

• Analysis tools with accurate statistics and figures

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